We need to protect local environmental quality and combat global climate change
  • Solar energy can displace fossil-fueled power and avoid emissions that harm air quality and contribute to climate change.
  • New York State currently gets only 26% of its electricity from clean, renewable resources like solar, wind and hydropower.
  • Similar solar and wind projects are being developed throughout New York to achieve the state law requiring 100% of New York's electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2040.
The solar farm will provide economic benefits to Genesee County communities
  • Added tax revenue for school, town and county.
  • Dedicates funds for volunteer fire and/or ambulance services.
  • Construction jobs and added commerce for local businesses.
  • Stabilized long-term electricity prices.
  • Provide significant revenue to local farming businesses to enable them to maintain ownership of their land.
Increased power supply in Genesee County can boost electric system reliability
  • Located at a vital section of the electric grid.
  • Grid-connected solar helps power system operators address high-demand periods.