Public Involvement

Hecate Energy will be applying to build a solar facility, Cider Solar Farm, under Article 94-c of the New York State Public Service Law.

publicinvolvement1.jpgWe will take great care that development, construction, and operation of our solar facility benefits the community and the environment. We encourage the public to provide feedback on how we may potentially improve our project design.

We will be actively engaging the public through project briefings, informational open houses, media stories, public notices, mailings, email, and other means. The Office of Renewable Energy Siting (Siting Office) or the Department of State will hold hearings in accordance with the Article 94-c process.

Intervenor Funding


Under 94-c, for each project, municipalities and community intervenors will have access to funds that will assist them in reviewing the project and aid them in providing comments to advise the Siting Office on the project’s compliance with local laws with respect to the environment, public health and safety.

The funds, known as "intervenor" funds, are provided by the assessment of fees on the applicant. "Intervenor" is a name used to refer to a party that joins an ongoing case or proceeding as a third-party for the protection of an interest.

Some intervenors join as a matter of right established in the Article 94c statute; others are permitted to join at the discretion of the Siting Board. Not all intervenors are eligible for intervenor funds; only "municipal and local parties" are eligible.

Eligible "municipal parties" include any county, city, town or village located in New York State that may be affected by the proposed major electric generating facility. The Siting Board must reserve at least 50% of the funds for potential awards to municipalities. Eligible "local parties" include persons residing in a community who may be affected by the proposed major electric generating facility. Such persons may seek intervenor funding either individually or collectively. Local parties are eligible to receive up to 50% of the funds.